Rescheduling an Adjustment of Status Interview

Rescheduling an Adjustment of Status Interview

If you’ve submitted USCIS Form I-485 for adjustment of status and can’t make your scheduled interview, you can request a reschedule only for “good cause.” In other words, you’ll need to convince USCIS that you are unable to attend because of circumstances beyond your control. (See 8 CFR 103.2(b)(9).)

If USCIS finds good cause, it will reschedule the interview and mail you a new Form I-797C.

Rescheduling an Asylum Interview

If you have submitted USCIS Form I-589 requesting asylum, and cannot make your scheduled interview date, you have two choices: either mail a letter to the Asylum Office where you were scheduled to attend your interview, or actually visit that Asylum Office in person, where you’ll complete a form called “Request to Reschedule Asylum Interview.”

You must also say why you’re making the request, and show that the reason is for “good cause,” not just because you decided you’d rather do something else that day. Include any relevant evidence of what’s stopping you from attending, such as a doctor’s report.

Timing is key here. USCIS should ideally receive your mailed or in-person request before the interview. The longer you wait after that, the more proof of “good cause” and “exceptional circumstances” USCIS will want to see before granting a reschedule.

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