Is there anything to be cautious of when renewing an E-2 Visa?

Is there anything to be cautious of when renewing an E-2 Visa?


If you entered and have been living with an E-2 visa, and return to in order to attempt a renewal during the renewal period, your request may be denied if concluded that it is difficult for you to manage both your business and living. They may even cancel your remaining valid time as well.

In this case, you may have to apply for an E-2 visa again in order to be reissued a visa due to potential problems with your children’s school or because the business in the U.S. is not organized. You may seek for other methods, but it will be difficult.

What is crucial then, is whether your margin remains, but most who operate an E-2 business rarely make sufficient profit. This problem could also occur if you report taxes at a level that demonstrates that you are barely supporting yourself because you want to lower your taxes.

To introduce information and a few precedents, some renew their visa while staying abroad at a third country, instead of in Korea. Even for instances that were indicated as problems, we have never seen a case where the preexisting valid E-2 visa was canceled.

You are not required to proceed your E-2 visa at Korea. There have also been several cases where not a 2-year, but a 5-year E-2 visa has been obtained through a third country.

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