As a green card holder, Can I re-enter the US again after 10 years later


As a green card holder, I travelled to my home country for visitation and upon my return to the US, I suffered a stroke which has kept me in my home country for 10 year. How can I re-enter the US again?


Your question logic is flawed, hence I am assuming this is either a hypothetical case or you are fibbing.

You said upon returning to the US you suffered a stroke. Then your incapacitated time must have been in the US and it should have no effect on your green card. US residents have a right to get sick, seriously sick.

Assuming you had your stroke at home, unless you were in a 10 years long coma and just came out of it, why didn’t you ask someone to contact the local consulate and arrange a returning resident permit for you ? Again unless you were out of conscience for such a long period of time, there is no excuse to not contacting US authorities and inquire about your unusual situation. And if you were really incapacitated for so long, you should have papers from not one but many doctors and and hospitals, showing the details of care you received and why you received such care. Use those when you apply for a returning resident permit.

But, a big BUT, as someone from the other side of the planet myself, I know how the minds of people work. You totally disregarded the requirements and now, the things in the home country is not going good and you want to seek refuge in the US. What could be more convenient than a debilitating ailment ? Especially if you have a doctor friend or family member who can give you a piece of paper stating you had a stroke. But believe me, after that long absence from the US, you will not be let off the hook that easy by a piece of paper from a hospital or a doctor. You will have to prove that you really had no chance in the past 10 years to contact the consulate and inform them what happened to you. Can you do that ? If so, do it. Otherwise, you are back to square one.

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