Effect of F-1 Visa and Re-entry Issues in the Case of I-20 Expire

F-1 Visa and Re-entry Issues

I got an F1 visa in January 2020 and got a 9th grade at A High School but I attended only one semester because of Covid-19, returning back to my country. Now I am in the 10th grade in Korea.

I am preparing to attend a new 11th grade at another B High School in the United States upcoming August 2021. The school issued a new I-20 and I paid the I-901 FEE.

In this case Can I enter the United States with my new I-20 with I-901 FEE receipts, or can I still be able to use the I-20 issued by A high School.

Answer :

You can use your F-1 visa issued by A High school, so long as F-1 visa is not expired. you may be able to enter the country with the I-20 issued by B High School

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