I’m outside the US, can I enter?

 I’m outside the US, can I enter?

There are many travel restrictions right now, and you’re advised to defer travel unless absolutely necessary. Any flight may be extremely costly and subject to a high risk of cancellation.


Individuals who were in the following countries in the last 14 days are banned from entry: China, Europe Schengen countries, UK, Ireland, Iran. This is not a nationality ban; you can travel to a third country for 14 days before proceeding to the US.

Furthermore, the US-Canada border is closed except to essential travel and citizens returning to their own countries. Note that travel for work (e.g. TN) is considered essential.

Additionally, note that the following groups of people are EXCLUDED from any travel ban:

  • US citizens (USC)
  • US lawful permanent residents (LPR)
  • Immediate family of USC/LPR (spouses, minor children)
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