I need help with something regarding the I-129f petition

I need help with something regarding the I-129f petition form and the whole K1 process overall.

Do I (the us citizen who wants to bring my fiance from Kazakhstan to the us) need to be residing in America in order to file for the petition and get the necessary visa for my fiance and I to get married in America? Or is it possible for me to do everything from overseas with her while residing in Kazakhstan myself?

I tried to find details of this online but I just can’t find any info, and on top of that I’m already overseas in South Korea (we met here in Korea).

Answer :

If you’re an American citizen then yes you are eligible to file for your fiance a K1 visa petition and you can marry your fiance in the US now remember you have 90 day’s after your fiance step foot in US soil.

Have you check this page https://rapidvisa.com/country-info/kazakhstan/

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