Visa Bulletin For May 2021

State Department Announces Permanent Resident priority date in June
Pre-working immigrant rankings open

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All Chargeability 
Areas Except
Those Listed

5.  Section 203(b) of the INA prescribes preference classes for allotment of Employment-based immigrant visas as follows: 

Family first priority Permanent residence acceptance priority date has expanded for five months.

According to the June 2021 visa bulletin released by the State Department on the 20th, the family immigrant permanent resident gate, which had been in a difficult situation for several months, showed some improvements.

In the case of the family first priority for unmarried children, the visa issuance priority date was only a small progress of 10 days, but the acceptance priority date is from October 1, 2015 to March 1, 2016. It showed progress for 5 months a day.

In the case of 2A rank (permanent resident, direct family), which is the best situation among family immigrants, the priority date for acceptance is followed by the passing date, and on May 1, 2021, which has progressed one month again, the date and reception without visa issuance. All possible priority dates remained virtually open.

For family 2B ranking (permanent resident unmarried children over 21 years old), the date and priority date for accepting visas have been improved by 1 week and 8 weeks, respectively, and family 3 times (citizen married children) has 10 each. It progressed for 6 weeks with the day.

In the case of family 4 ranks (citizen’s brothers and sisters), the date was advanced by one month without issuing a visa, but the priority date for acceptance was frozen.

Meanwhile, employment immigrants remained open this month, following last month.

Employed immigrants 1st (global corporate executives, global technicians), 2nd (master’s or 5-year career bachelor’s degree holder), 3rd (bachelor’s degree, unskilled), 4th (religious immigrants) ) ・ For 5 degrees (investment immigrants), all visa issuance priority dates and acceptance priority dates from the door to the present will be open in September 2020.

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