Rescheduling a Naturalization (Citizenship) Interview

Rescheduling a Naturalization (Citizenship) Interview

If you’ve submitted USCIS Form N-400 for naturalized citizenship, and cannot attend the scheduled interview, then you will need to send a letter to USCIS before the date the interview was scheduled. Use the address of the USCIS office on the bottom of the interview notice (Form I-797C).

Briefly explain in the letter why you cannot attend, and request an interview date at a later time. (Also mention your first possible availability, for example if you will be hospitalized for the next five weeks.) Enclose the interview notice that USCIS sent you, after making a copy for yourself.

If you can’t send the notice before the interview, you can still file a motion to reopen under 8 C.F.R. 103.5, but would be wise to get an attorney’s help.

For all other types of reschedule requests, read your notice from USCIS or consult an attorney.

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